Social Media Marketing And The Benefits It Offers

There is no doubt that social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn and Bebo drive customers towards your product or service. Social media marketing is a huge business. It’s about attracting people to your website or direct to your company. One day you post a video of your product, the next day it might be viral: re-posted all over the world. To ignore social media today would be a big mistake.

Social Media Is Highly Effective And Fast

It offers a fast, highly effective means of promotion. For some forward-thinking companies, this type of marketing already yields more and costs less than print, TV and radio advertising. There is no charge to set up your Twitter account or Facebook page. And, you’re able to promote video, events, news, maps with directions and images in mere moments.

Many companies already blog and it’s simple to link your blog to the many available platforms. That way, every time you post anew, it gets instantly linked to Twitter and also Facebook, driving their users straight to your blog. But a blog by itself is no longer enough. It’s can be easier and quicker broadcast directly from your Facebook account which is totally WYSIWYG, rather than fiddle about with all that pesky HTML blog coding.

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Twitter is a little more complex as you’re given just 140 characters to write, which usually include a tiny URL created especially. So it is a little more work plus you’ll still use an external page that you link to with the tweet. But don’t ignore millions of customers who prefer Twitter to any other platform.

Those in the real estate, restaurant, vacation or tour business find social media marketing absolutely invaluable. You are able to post prices, video, pictures, menu, news, special offers, almost anything you can imagine, all the way to Facebook. But be warned: promoting a service inside popular groups is against Facebook rules. Keep it on your page or purchase and ad rather than risking the wrath of group admins or Facebook itself.

Every business needs to consider having a YouTube Channel, particularly if your product should be seen to be bought. A video walk-through of, for example a vacation destination, house or is perfect for your potential customers. The statistics are staggering. Every month, 490 million people consume 2.9 billion hours of YouTube videos. Every day, 150 years’ video is seen on Facebook. Every minute, there are 400 tweets containing a YouTube link.

The Key To Success

The key to success is to build a community to whom you can regularly promote. People who either follow you on Twitter, Like and Subscribe to you on Facebook and subscribe to your YouTube Channel. To attract and retain these customers, you need to keep your content timely, regularly updated, useful, interesting and/or fun. Some of the most successful social media campaigns are those which go viral: people like them so much, they share them everywhere.

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The Powerful Marketing Method

So quirky and unusual works in social media marketing. Who would forget the dancing ‘Where the hell is Matt?’ video? Certainly not 42 million people who have viewed it, nor indeed his sponsors, Stride Gum. Even the biggest, seemingly most traditional corporations are discovering that off the wall, original and bite sized photos and videos can capture a global audience in an instant through this powerful marketing method.

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